health/economic communications+content; fmr gop campaign consultant/speechwriter; live music enthusiast; insta: gordonhensleydc


  • Ted Cruz

    Ted Cruz

    U.S. Senator and candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

  • Quin Hillyer

    Quin Hillyer

    Veteran conservative columnist and activist.

  • Pegah Malekpour Alamdari

    Pegah Malekpour Alamdari

    Writer, Ph.D. candidate(computer engineering), Computer Instructor,, Data Science Stories:

  • David Catanese

    David Catanese

    Sr. Politics Writer, US News & World Report Founder #TheRun2016 Kanye West fanboi/apologist. EDM. Jersey boy. Snapchat: davecatanese

  • Daniel Marrow

    Daniel Marrow


  • Rob Jesmer

    Rob Jesmer

  • Mike Thompson

    Mike Thompson

    PR & Social Media guy, Sports Dad, Dance Dad, Volunteer, Gadget guy, Sci Fi Fan, Conservative, Father of 2 awesome red headed girls, husband to another red head

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