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Photo credit: The Ann Richards Play — DMN’s Wayne Slater, right/Houston Chronicle’s Ken Herman, left

When I first learned former Dallas Morning News political writer Wayne Slater died in a fatal car accident several days ago, my mind basically shut down for several hours to contemplate this horrific Christmas holiday tragedy. …

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Photo: Politico

…and Spending Time at HHS in 2020 Amid the COVID Outbreak

In animating, descriptive fashion, Politico writer Michael Kruse’s new profile of pro-Trump GOP operative Michael Caputo vividly captures the many colorful, complex facets of the Buffalo, NY native’s personality and background as he continues to recover from the life-threatening…

Photo Credit:

Lining up a new client whose business you find intellectually engaging, interesting and enjoyable is a great thing — especially when you’re effective, and making a discernible, demonstrative, positive impact on day to day operations.

In effect, you’re getting paid to have fun. You can’t beat that.

But simply accepting…

1988 GOP presidential candidate Pete du Pont Photo Credit: Bettmann — Getty Images

Former Delaware Governor Pete du Pont’s passing several days ago made me reflect on two entirely separate matters:

First, the quality of the man as I experienced it first-hand working on his 1988 presidential campaign as his New Hampshire press secretary. As a transient staffer — one of hundreds who’d…

On major speech or writing projects with multiple contributors, specify details

A talented younger friend attempting to make a transition from campaign communications consultant to building a full-time business as an executive communications consultant called the other day seeking advice. He had been “layered over” on a major CEO speech project by another writer considered to be a “better fit,” he…

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